My job is pretty simple but I need quotes. I have one sink that is leaking a little underneath. I have one bathtub that has handles that leak when they're turned on. And I have a simple bidet that needs to be taken off - just undone from the plumbing and one nut unscrewed (I don't have a tool that will get to it). Simple stuff but needs to get done.

Christy L

Kitchen sink stopped up have tried multiple products and plunging. One bathroom sink drains very slow. Need estimate please!!

Verna H

My upstairs two bathrooms are leaking where they join to run downstairs. Now I have water dripping all the way to my basement. Thank you

John H

We need an estimate for a check valve installation in our basement.

Micah D

Can you please tell me Cost for dishwasher installation. I need to get a new one installed.

Surya M

Our dishwasher (Bosch SHE66C05UC/22) started having residual water yesterday. It looked O.K. at the end of yesterday, but today there is more water after the cycle (seems like even backflow water) and there is leakage through the floor. I'd like you to diagnose and estimate. How much would it cost to come to see the problem?

Toru T

The water shutdown valve in my basement was leaking. could you give me an estimate how much cost to repair it. Thank you very much. 

Xia L.

Just bought the house and found that the water has been turned off to the upstairs shower/tub. Want to arrange an estimate and repair job soon. Thanks

John G

1. One toilet needs an install of a ballock. 2. One vanity sink needs an install of a mechanical pop up drain. Sink trap also has to cleaned out. thanks!

Joseph P

Shower/tub water faucets (dual) both are leaking. They are unmarked, but the drain assembly is an American Standard. House was built in the 1950s. Would rather repair than replace. Thanks.

Donna C